Tác giả Romantic Collection Saxophone  (Đọc 2781 lần)

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Romantic Collection Saxophone
« vào lúc: 18/03/07, 02:51 »
Romantic Collection Saxophone

CD 1
01.Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer - Lili was here
02.Soul Ballet - Blue girl
03.Nejee - Thats the way of the world
04.David Sanborn - Good bye
05.Earl Kluch - Maube tonight
06.Kenny G - Going home
07.Richard Elliot - Im not in love
08.Chris White - A new day
09.Sil Austin - Johnny guitar
10.The Gino Marinello Orchestra - Girl
11.Candy Dulfer - Homme is not a house
12.David Sanborn - Same girl
13.Kenny G - Stranger on a shone
14.Brancaster Studio Orchestra - Careless whisper
15.The Alan Parsons Project - Pipeline
16.The Gino Marinello Orchestra - Angie
17.Kenny G - Silhouette
18.Kim Waters - Visions of love
19.Candy Dulfer - I cant make you love me
20.Sade - Siempre hay esperanza
21.Kenny G - Lets go
22.Gerald Allbright - Softly as sunrise
23.Eric Mariental - Understanding
24.Groover Washington - In the name of love
25.Everette Harp - There is still hope
26.Dave Koz - Faces of the heart
27.Richard Elliot - Because i love you
28.Bill Evans - Matter of time
29.Spyro Gyra - Mallet ballet
30.Kenny G - Sonobird
32.I want to know what love is
33.Petite fleur
34.Saving all my love for you
36.The shadow of your smile
37.What a wonderful world
38.Careless whisper
39.I cant tell you why
40.Super Trouper
41.I will always love you
CD 2
01.Fausto Papetti - Love story
02.Brian Smith - Moonlight sax medley
03.George Castratos - Woman in love
04.Sil Austin - Broken promises
05.Klaus Doldinger - How intensitive
06.Clous Van Mechelen - When i need you
07.Fausto Papetti - My love serenade
08.Soundscape Uk - The closer i get to you
09.Fausto Papetti - Emmanulle
10.Brian Smith - Auche un uomo
11.Fausto Papetti - Abrazame
12.Sil Austin - Unchained melody
13.Clous Van Mechelen - Three times a lady
14.Ben Webster - Salitude
15.Clous Van Mechelen - You needed me
16.Gerry Mulligan - P.S. I love you
17.Sil Austin - I left my heart in San Francisco
18.Fausto Papetti - Sleepy shores
19.Brian Smith - Moonlight theme
20.Killing me softly with his song
21.Only you
23.Adieu pour un cloun
25.You are not alone
27.Georgia on my mind
28.The autumn leaves
31.Samba pa ti
32.The girl from ipanema
34.Montefiori ~censored~ - Lasy busy
35.David Sanborn - All i need is you
36.Fausto Papetti - I love you
37.Exodus Quartet - Summer soulstice
38.Kenny G - In a sentimental mood
39.Spyro Gyra - Shanghai gumbo
40.Fausto Papetti - Setembro
41.Kenni G - The Look of love
42.Montefiori ~censored~ - Trip
43.Kirk Whalum - Strength in you
44.Fausto Papetti - Green eyes




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